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Art Jobs of the Week

Art (Studio Art) Assistant Professor
The Los Rios Community College District is accepting applications for Art Assistant Professor (Studio Art), American River College. Initial assignment will be primarily at the Natomas Education Center (NEC). It will include lecture courses (Introduction to Art) and basic studio courses (Elementary Drawing and Composition, and Design Fundamentals). We are seeking a candidate with strong lecture skills and solid abilities in drawing and design. Part of faculty obligations will be scheduling, budgeting, and peer evaluations of the Natomas Education Center are a secondary part of the assignment. Skills or experience in these areas are helpful, but not required. Teaching assignment will include day, evening, and weekend classes, at the main campus or other sites within the college district. Annual salary varies from $39,453 to $65,409.

Art Photography Assistant Professor
The Los Rios Community College District is accepting applications for Art Assistant Professor (Studio Art) at American River College. The teaching assignment will consist of digital photography courses at extension sites and traditional photography courses on the main campus. Courses will include basic digital photography, intermediate digital photography (both PC and MAC), and basic and intermediate black and white and color film photography. Emphasis is placed on photography as a fine art studio media. Familiarity with wet and digital lab maintenance is a must. Teaching assignment may include day, evening, and weekend classes, on and off campus classes. Annual salary varies from $39,453 to $65,409.

Senior Graphic Designer

LOCATION: California, United States of America
DESCRIPTION: West Office Exhibition Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in interactive museums, cultural centers, and corporate exhibits. We are currently looking for a senior-level graphic designer to join our exhibit design firm for the duration of approx. 4-5 months, possibly leading into a full time position
APPLICATION MATERIALS REQUIRED: Please send resume, cover letter, references and samples
QUALIFICATIONS/SKILLS: The ideal candidate will have had at least 5 years experience in environmental graphic design. This position requires a self-motivated and detail-driven designer with an excellent understanding of 3-dimensional environments. Equally important is a strong design sense with a capacity to create engaging, informative, and visually stunning graphics that are both educational and fun. Proficiency with Photoshop 7, InDesign 2, Illustrator 10 and Filemaker is absolutely necessary, as is a sense of humor and a desire to work in a team-oriented environment